Wealthy Health Lactoferrin Goat Milk Powder + DHA 4g x 30 Sachets

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Wealthy Health Lactoferrin Goat's Milk Powder + DHA is the healthier option for our body. It is rich in naturally occuring nutrients such as Vitamin A, calcium and protein. It also contains added lactoferrin, an important immune supporting glycoprotein which is found in breast milk. Goat's milk has smaller fat particles, and therefore easier to digest. It also has a lower lactose content. Goat's milk is an excellent substitute for people looking for an alternative to cow's milk. Wealthy Health Lactoferrin Goat's Milk Powder + DHA contains DHA and is suitable for both adults and children.


Goat Milk Powder 76.6%, Dextrose Monohydrate BP, Vanilla flavour, Whey Protein, Asorbic Acid, Lactoferrin powder(0.1%) DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)(0.1%)

Nutrition Information Per 100g Per serve 4g
Energy 1950KJ 78KJ
Protein 22g 0.88g
Fat 14.7g 0.8g
Fat Saturated 14.7g 0.58g
Carbohydrates 69.9g 1.95g
- Sugar 66.9g 1.56g
DHA* 100mg 4mg

Based on raw material calculation not analytical. All specific valuese are on averages not analytical.

No Added: Cereals containing gluten, Crustacea, Egg, Fish, Peanut, Sesame seed, Soybean, Tree Nuts products.

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