VitaTree Kidney Detox 100 Tablets

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Vitatree Kidney Tonic is a unique herbal formula complex, which is ideal for non-specific problems of the kidneys or gallbladder, lower back pain, and increasing energy and strength.

The complex contains Cordyceps Sinensis, which is traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to support the health and function of the kidney and lungs. It is also proven that can assist with sore and weak lower back and extremities.

Also included in this complex is Schisandra Chinesis, well-known traditional Chinese Medicine that can strengthen the Qi, hence tonify the kidney. It increases the body's resistance and support physiological processes by increasing energy and strength; relief of anxiousness and irritability, aiding the body in dealing with stress, reliefs the symptoms of insomnia.

Equisetum Arvense is another important ingredient in the complex. The plant is said to resemble a horse`s tail and it grows almost everywhere. It has been used by people from as long ago as the Ancient Romans in the form of a tea.

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