ViPlus Pro 20+ Skim Nutritional Formula 1Kg

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Viplus Skim Pro 20+ Nutritional Formula is made using pure Australian milk to create a delicious, Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol source of Protein and Calcium. The formula is clinically tested and made using a cold-separation process that preserves the goodness of fresh milk. It dissolves easily in cold water and does not need to be refrigerated

Low in Fat & Cholesterol: Avoid excessive intake of fat and lead to body weight gain, supplementing nutrition while maintain good body shape

Protein: High quality of protein, maintain normal metabolism and energy

Vitamin A: The essential nutrients for human eyes - the photoreceptor in the retina. Prevents night blindness and dry eye, moisturizes both eyes and releases vitality

Vitamin D: The essential nutrients for human bones and is the key to promoting the absorption and transformation of calcium by the human body

Calcium: Calcium for strong bone and teeth

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