ViPlus GOLD 40+ Nutrinational Adult Formula 800g

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Viplus Gold 40+ Nutritional Adult Formula is scientifically formulated and made by using fresh Australian milk. It contains calcium and Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth and GOS prebiotics to encourage a healthy digestive system. It is low in fat and cholesterol and can help reduce the risk of developing diabetes, liver disease and some cancers.

Formula Features:
  • High in GOS & FOS: Improve the growth of beneficial bacteria and flora in the intestine, maintain good digestive function, and enhance the absorption and utilization of nutrients in food by middle-aged and elderly people
  • Vitamin A: Promotes skin metabolism, prevention of middle-aged people with night blindness and dry eye syndrome
  • Vitamin D: Essential to human bone health, promotes the body's absorption and transformation of calcium
  • Excellent Source of Calcium: Increase bone density and strength
  • Low in Fat: reduce the burden of organs in middle-aged and elderly people and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease Packing Specification: Tin Packed 800g Available

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