VIERRA Air Supreme Essence Apple Cider Vinegar 7 x 55mL Vials

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The Vierra stable of products is quickly becoming recognised as the key element in anyone's beauty routine. The most recent inclusion is the Vierra-Air Supreme Essence, a daily beauty drink that may help with weight management.

The essence combines the key elements of weight loss - meal replacement, metabolism acceleration and digestive health to bring you one complete and superior product. In the first week, the cleansing and removing of toxins begin. By week two, the meal replacement elements will help you with lighter meal options and the cleansing process will continue to help remove the effects of bad food choices. By day 28, metabolism will be at its peak heling you to get the most out of the exercise.

The essence contains:

L-Carnitine 190 Mg -a non-essential amino acid that is known as a fat metaboliser but also offers other benefits in the reduction of oxidative stress and improved endurance capacity.

Nutroise 5500 Mg - is packed full of soluble fibre to improve your intestinal health. The high soluble fibre content and outstanding digestive tolerance ensure that fibre enrichment can be to the optimum recommended levels required to obtain a beneficial effect on gut health and general well-being.

Apple cider vinegar 1280 Mg - acts to aid in the decomposition of toxins and waste in blood vessels. It also helps in the digestion and apsortion of food and promotes blood circulation.

Queen Garnet - Australia s super fruit.


L-Carnitine 190 Mg, Nutriose 5500 Mg, Apple Cider Vinegar 1280 Mg, Queen Garnet


Adults: Take one serve a day before or after meal. Can be taken as one bottle concertrate or dilute with up to 250ml of chilled water.

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