VIERRA AG Complex Elixir 84 Chewable Tablets

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VIERRA AG Complex Elixir is unique formulated inner beauty anti-glycation & antioxidant lozenge with the finest ingredients including Charentais Melon extract, pomegranate polyphenol and elastic fibre. This multi-purpose and distinctively textured formulation are optimised for reducing skin sensitivity also maintaining a healthier skin appearance.


Charentais Melon Extract SOD | 300 mg

An innovative ingredient rich in natural Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) derived from melon extract. Naturally protect cells from free radicals, it is the perfect anti-ageing, antioxidant ally for your skin and body.

Elastic Fibre | 2,500 ug

Ensures skin's elasticity and strength. Nourish the skin, brings it a strong dose of pure elastin, release expression wrinkles.

Pomegranate Polyphenol | 160 mg

The super fruit extract is extraordinary effective in both anti-glycation and anti-oxidization, it encourages healthy circulation and metabolism, improve your skin condition.

Oleuropein | 500mg

Exhibits antioxidant and free radical-scavenging activities, resulting in a wide range of cellular and physiological effects, promote skin rejuvenation and skin acidity balance.


Store in a cool dry place, keep pouch sealed after open. For the best results, take 1-3 tablets daily as lozenge.

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