Vicks Forehead Thermometer

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Vicks Forehead Thermometer provides innovative, clinically proven technology that makes taking temperatures easy for both parents and children.  The forehead is ideal for taking non-invasive temperature measurements. Simply swipe over the forehead for an accurate reading, instantly.

How the Vicks Forehead Thermometer measures temperature
The Vicks Forehead Thermometer measures infrared energy emitted from the skin above the eyebrow area and the surrounding tissue. This energy is collected through the lens and converted to a temperature value. Temperature reading is obtained by scanning above the eyebrow area which provides the greatest accuracy.

The Vicks Forehead Thermometer has been clinically tested and proven to be safe and accurate when used in accordance with its operating instruction manual.

The Vicks brand and products are well known and respected in Australian households. Vicks has maintained a high level of product quality and efficacy over many decades.

Fever InSight Technology
Fever InSight Technology helps you to better understand the meaning of your child’s temperature with the colour indicated on the display. The screen displays green if there is no fever, yellow when the temperature is slightly elevated and red for possible high fever. 10 short beeps indicate temperature above 37.5°C, in order to alert the patient that they may have a fever.





36.1 – 37.5



37.6 – 38.2

Slightly elevated


Above 38.3

Possible high fever

Special Features

Measurement in 3 seconds
The innovative infrared technology allows measurement of forehead temperature in only 3 seconds. This makes it ideal for infants and children who find staying still difficult. Also ideal for health care professionals where time and accuracy are important.

Accurate and reliable
This unit offers clinically proven accuracy (+/-0.2oC) within a range of 32.2oC – 42.8oC. Temperature reading are reliable due to the unique probe assembly, advanced infrared sensor and complete calibration process.

Gentle and easy to use:

  • Gentle ComfortTouch tip
  • The Vicks Forehead Thermometer is
    non-invasive. A measurement can be taken even while a child is asleep.
  • Design makes the Forehead Thermometer easy to hold and use.
  • The Forehead Thermometer is less threatening to a child than a rectal thermometer.

Auto-display memory
The last reading is automatically displayed for 3 seconds when the unit is switched on. This is to assist with recording and monitoring temperatures.

Multiple reading recalls
Users can recall the last 12 readings when entering the MemoryTrackerä recall mode, enabling efficient tracking of temperature history and variations.

Safe and hygienic:

  • No risk of broken glass or mercury ingestion
  • Completely safe for use on children

Battery and Warranty
The Vicks Forehead Thermometer has an automatic shut off feature where the unit will turn itself off approximately 1 minute after last measurement has been taken, thereby extending the battery life.

The Vicks Forehead Thermometer is supplied with 2x AAA batteries, which last for at least 1,000 measurements. Replace with 2 new AAA batteries when the flashing battery symbol appears on the LCD display. Batteries can be easily changed by sliding open the battery cover and replacing batteries as indicated.

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