Unichi 11 Pearls Foam Cleanser 100mL (expire date: 02/2024)

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11 Pearls Foam Cleanser is created from a gentle plant-origin amino acid. As a natural foaming formula, it contains Backhousia Citriodora Leaf Extract and Pearl Extract sourced from pearl oysters grown in the pristine sea waters of the South Seas. 11 Pearls Foam Cleanser gently cleanses your skin, removing daily sun protection and light makeup. No soap-based sulfate is gentler.

Main Benefits:

Plant amino acid for gentle washing

pH balanced with a pH value of 5.5 for gentle, low sensitivity, and no irritation when cleansing skin
Does not contain soap-based sulfates, effectively protecting the skin's surface sebum and skin barrier, without damaging the keratin
Deep cleansing, refreshing, moisturizing and non-stripping. A satisfying daily cleanse, removing sunscreen and light makeup

Patented oil control ingredient OiLESS`city™, balances skin oil secretion

Effectively regulates skin oil secretion, reduce oiliness, and prevent T-zone oil and blackheads
Soothes and balances skin, improves acne, reduces inflammation and tightens pores

Pearl extract for brighter skin

Produces cleaner, brighter and hydrated skin with a radiant appearance
Reduces dullness and helps skin become smooth and renewed

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