Sensodyne Deep Clean Sensitive Toothpaste 110g

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Sensodyne Deep Clean is a fluoride toothpaste which can be used every day and provides daily care for sensitive teeth.Sensodyne is specially formulated to relieve tooth sensitivity. When enamel is worn away or gums recede, the dentine underneath becomes exposed. This can lead to tooth sensitivity pain, for example, with hot and cold food and drinks.Before: Sensitivity starts with exposed dentine. Sensitive teeth need special care. After: Sensodyne Deep Clean works inside the tooth to help calm the nerves for 24hr sensitivity protection (with twice daily brushing).- Long lasting sensitivity protection (with twice daily brushing).- With foam boost technology.- Helps to remove plaque (with twice daily brushing).- Provides all the benefits of a regular toothpaste (with twice daily brushing).

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