Reach CleanBurst Spearmint Waxed Dental Floss 50m


Dentists recommend flossing regularly to help remove more plaque than brushing alone. Flossing may help remove food build-up between the teeth, reduce the risk of gingivitis, gum disease, and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

The bristles of a toothbrush can’t reach deep in between teeth to remove it all. Therefore, flossing helps keep your mouth as clean as possible.

Reach CleanBurst Spearmint Waxed Floss is shred resistant, slides easily between teeth.

Use this dental floss for a fresh clean between teeth and an intense burst of flavour for a superior clean feel.

Size: 50m

Usage directions:

Flossing should be done once in a 24-hour period. There is no ideal time to floss - whenever you find time to floss properly it can be done. It can be a good option to do it in the evening so any food particles from the day can be removed.

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