Quality Health Macula Guard 60 Tablets

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Quality Health Macula-Guard contains the 6 ingredients at the same daily dose as the Areds 2 formula developed by the National Eye Institute of America.
Specially researched combination of key antioxidants, vitamins and minerals plus eye herbs to support the macula region of the eye.
Quality Health Macula-Guard Support healthy vision, eye function and the macula pigment density of the eye.
Relieves eye strain and visual fatigue.
Supporting the macula region of the eye is important particularly as we get older, it is the macula area at the back of the eye which maintains our central vision and ability to see detail.
This is what we see right in front of us, when we read a book, drive a car, cross the road, look at a view, recipe, a plan, it's how we recognise faces, watch television, look at a computer, lap top, tablet screen or use our phone.

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