Opti-Free Replenish Economy Pack (300ml+120ml)

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Always wash and rinse your hands before you handle your Ienses.

To clean, disinfect and remove protein from your soft contact Lenses:

•Thoroughly rinse each side of the lens IS seconds) with OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® MPDS.

•Fill your ALCON Lens Case with fresh OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH MPDS. Store Ienses in the dosed lens case overnight or of least 6 hours. After soaking, Ienses are ready to wear.

If any debris remains on contact Ienses, rinse with OPTI-FREE® RepleniSH® MPDS before insertion. You may leave your Lenses in the closed lens case containing OPTI-FR RepleniSH® MPDS for up to 30 days. After this time, your lenses must be cleaned and disinfected with OPTI-FREE Replenish MPDS every 30 days and prior to wear.

Your eyes are unique. Your eye care 41 professional may recommend additional products or procedures to care for your Ienses based' upon your individual tear chemistry and lens-wearing schedule.

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