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  • Quality Ingredients: enriched with vitamin E and anti-oxidants
  • Regenerating: works overnight whilst you sleep when your skin is at its most receptive to protect your skin from oxidative stress and free radical formation the next day
  • Lasting Nourishment: soft and supple skin for up to 24 hours maintaining and reinforcing the skins natural moisture barrier
  • Refreshing Formula: the cream is lightweight and fast-absorbing with a pleasant scent
  • Usage: Perfect for everyday use on normal and combination skin types to encourage deeply nourished and smooth skin
  • Directions: apply to a clean face after serums and oils, and gently massage in small circles into the skin. Avoid contact with eyes

NIVEA Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream for Normal and Combination Skin with Vitamin E and Anti-Oxidants enhances skin's natural regeneration process at night, when your skin is the most receptive, so you can wake up to beautiful results. The light-weight formula boosts your skin with fast-absorbing moisture while helping protect your skin from oxidative stress and free radical formation the next day. Simply apply this cream to your cleansed face by gently massaging in, avoid direct eye contact. Suitable for normal and combination skin types, experience intensively nourished skin for 24 hours.

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