Nexcare Active Strips 20 Assorted

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Nexcare™ Active™ Strips are designed to provide what active people want in a strip; cushions, protects, is flexible & sticks to damp skin, during sports or hot, humid conditions. The diamond shape fits hard-to-cover body parts. 20 strips per pack.

The diamond shape fits hard-to-cover body parts like fingers, elbows and knees—even hands or feet. The 360-degree seal keeps out dirt and germs that may lead to infection. A must-have for any first aid kit, Nexcare Active Strips are perfect for treating minor wounds such as cuts, scrapes and blisters. Made from latex free materials. 10 x 26mm x 76mm &10 x 22mm x 22mm


  • Cushions and protects minor cuts, grazes, scrapes and blisters
  • Water resistant
  • Latex free materials
  • Diamond shape designed for better seal around pad
  • Flexible foam cushions, stretches and bends
  • Sticks to damp skin

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