Maxigenes Goat Milk Powder 400g

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100% real goat's milk.


Storage: Store below 30°C in a cool dry place away. Opened container should be covered with overcap. Once opened, use within one month.


100% real goat's milk that is a natural source of calcium and vitamin D. May be suitable for lactose intolerance.


Goat Milk Powder


Directions for Use: To mix 1 cup: Place 1/2 a cup of lukewarm water into a container. Add 1/3 of a cu (35g) of Maxigenes Goat Milk Powder and stir lightly until dissolved. Add more water to make up 1 cup. For richer flavour and extra nourishment, use additional powder to suit your personal taste or preference. To enhance the natural flavour, store the reconstituted goat milk in the fridge overnight before use.

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