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In 2022, reset with the whole Lancôme family!

The emblematic anti-aging serum, Advanced Génifique, has specially dressed up in a radiant red to celebrate Lunar New Year with you and your loved ones.

On your skin lives a beneficial ecosystem of microorganisms called the microbiome. Its balance is essential for your skin’s health & appearance.

Lancôme truly believes that the microbiome science pushes the frontier of skincare. For 15 years, our advanced research carried out 57 clinical studies, partnered up with 23 microbiome scientific partners, and analyzed over 10.000 samples.

This unique expertise is now encapsulated in our most iconic skin serum Advanced Génifique, now proven to strengthen skin microbiome. Its patented formula is enriched with a unique complex of 7 pre- & probiotic fractions providing essential nutrients for skin microbiome.

Upon application of this face serum, skin recovers faster, is stronger, looks radiant and visibly younger.

Benefits of pre & Probiotics for the skin 

Pre and probiotic fractions are nutrients beneficial for the Microbiome. The new Advanced Génifique is enriched with a patent-pending complex of 7 pre & probiotic fractions, specifically selected and transformed, delivering essential resources to skin and its microbiome.

The skin is the largest organ in your body and plays a vital role in your immunity and what you put on it impacts your skin's health and appearance. Pre and probiotic fractions are nutrients that encourage growth of beneficial bacteria that promote healthy skin with a stronger microbiome.

In 1 dropper: 30 million pre & probiotic fractions deliver essential resources to skin and its microbiome. In 7 days: skin looks youthfully radiant and feels smoother.

After 1 bottle: skin microbiome recovers faster, and key signs of aging are visibly improved.

*Clinical evaluation, 34 subjects, 8 weeks.

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