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Since its beginning, Absolue has combined cutting-edge skin regeneration science with ultimate sensoriality to offer the ideal formula for all skin types. Legendary wrinkle correction, skin surface renewal, Absolue's pioneering science since 1965.

With the power of the Perpetual Rose cultivated exclusively for Absolue in the South of France, this rose blossoms almost throughout the year, its vitality creating a deeply rejuvenating active. Absolue targets the revitalizing properties of the Absolue Perpetual RoseTM extract. The Absolue Perpetual RoseTM extract captures the flower’s molecular fraction, creating a proprietary extract from natural origin with a unique molecular signature. The full vitality of the rose is concentrated in just one drop, harnessing its youth-revealing properties.

The 2023 Absolue Signature Set Includes: 

  • Absolue Rose 80 The Brightening and Revitalising Toning Lotion 150ml (full size)
  • Absolue Soft Cream 60ml (full size)
  • Absolue Revitalising Eye Cream 20ml (full size)
  • Absolue Rich Cream 15ml
  • Absolue Revitalising Eye Serum 3ml
  • Absolue The Serum Intensive Concentrate 5ml
  • Absolue Cooling Globe


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