FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment - Pearl Pink

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FOREO’s UFO device turns 90-seconds into the ultimate at homefacial experience. Secure your desired UFO-Activated Korean Mask and connect tothe FOREO app where you will be guided through a unique sequence of LED Lighttherapy, including anti-bacterial blue light, brightening green light andsoothing red light that is paired with a combination of T-Sonic Pulsations andHyper Infusion Technology.

- Dimensions: H15cm, W12cm, D3.6cm
- T-Sonic Pulsations™
- LED Light therapy
- Thermo and Cryo modes
- FOREO App Activated
- USB Rechargeable
- 100% Waterproof
- 2-year replacement warranty

PLEASE NOTE: Please refer to product forinstructions on use, registration and warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: This item can only be returnedunopened, unless deemed faulty.

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