Clearblue Triple Check & Date Pregnancy Test Combo 3 Pack


This Clearblue Pregnancy Test Combo Pack contains 3 test kits: 2x Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests and 1x Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator.


3 tests to triple-check & date

  • For extra reassurance this pack gives you the opportunity to triple-check & date: contains 2 Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests & 1 Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator.

Over 99% accurate

  • At detecting pregnancy from the day you expect your period.

Can test from 6 days early

  • You can use Clearblue Ultra Early for results up to 6 days before your missed period, and Clearblue with Weeks Indicator for results up to 5 days before your missed period.


    1. Before you begin

    • Please always read the instruction leaflet carefully before doing a pregnancy test.
    • When ready to test, remove the pregnancy test stick from the foil wrapper and take off the blue cap. Use the test straightaway.

    2. Doing the test

    • Simply hold the absorbent colour change tip in your urine stream, or in a sample of your urine collected in a clean dry container, for just 5 seconds.
    • The colour change tip will instantly turn pink showing that urine is being absorbed. Continue holding the colour change tip in the urine for the full 5 seconds.

    3. Wait for 3 minutes

    • As the pregnancy test begins to work, you'll see blue lines start to develop.

    4. Read your results

    • You can read your result in the result window. 
    • A ‘Pregnant’ result may appear in 1 minute when testing from the day you miss your period (which is the day after you expect your period). You should wait the full 3 minutes to confirm a ‘Not Pregnant’ result. 
    • If no blue line appears in the control window within 10 minutes the test has not worked
    • It does not matter if one of the lines that make up the '+' symbol is lighter or darker than the other; the result is 'Pregnant'.
    • Read your result within 10 minutes of doing a test. Ignore any changes to your result after this time.


    • 2x Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests
    • 1x Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator

    Warning and Disclaimers:

    Missed period refers to the day after you expect your period. 79% of pregnant results can be detected 6 days before the missed period. This device is for home use. Keep out of the reach of children. Always read the instructions for use.

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