Caruso's Natural Health Vitamin B6 200mg 50 Tablets

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Why use Caruso’s Vitamin B6?

Caruso’s B6 is a high potency easy-to-swallow tablet which has been formulated to help relieve some of the symptoms of premenstrual tension, promote healthy red blood cell production and support a healthy physiological response during times of stress.

Caruso’s Vitamin B6 health indications:

• Reduce mood swings, irritability and aggression associated with pre-menstrual tension.
• Relieve mild fluid retention in pre-menstrual women
• Relieve morning sickness
• Promote red blood cell health

Customers who would use Caruso’s Vitamin B6:

• Women who are experiencing symptoms of premenstrual tension including mood swings, mild fluid retention and breast tenderness
• Those individuals who wish to enhance their red blood cell health
• Pregnant women who wish to relieve morning sickness

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