Caruso's Natural Health Vitamin B2 100mg 120 Tablets

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Why use Caruso’s Vitamin B2?
Caruso’s Vitamin B2 is an easy to swallow tablet, specifically designed to assist the body’s energy production and maintenance. Vitamin B2 may help relieve some of the symptoms of mild migraines, support eye health, support hair growth and skin health; and as an antioxidant, reduce free radical damage to the body.

Caruso’s Vitamin B2 health indications:
• Decrease and relieve the symptoms and duration of mild migraines
• Support eye health
• Enhance and promote energy levels
• Support the body’s metabolism and maintain skin health
• Support hair strength and growth
• Anti-oxidant activity, reducing free radical damage, and aids with tissue repair
• Preventing a B2 dietary deficiency

Customers who would use Caruso’s Vitamin B2:
• Those suffering with mild migraine symptoms
• Those who require support for eye health
• Those who require support for metabolism and energy levels.
• Those looking for support for strong, thick hair growth
• Those who require skin health support
• Those who are after a product that offers antioxidant support

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