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Saffron is one of the oldest spices known to man and has been used in the “spice trade” for over 4000 years. The use of Saffron in both cooking and as an herbal remedy is seen throughout the entire Ancient world. The health benefits of Caruso’s Saffron come from its effect on emotional balance and mood. Saffron helps to enhance and promote relaxation in the body and soothe the nerves. It does this by decreasing excess nervous energy and irritability. The result is a decrease in nervous tension and mild anxiety. Caruso’s Saffron contains a proprietary extract called affron®. Affron® is cultivated in La Mancha Spain and has positive effects in supporting healthy emotional and mood balance. It also helps to decrease tension and promote a healthy stress response in the body while relieving the symptoms of mild anxiety.

Caruso’s Saffron health indications:

* Mood support and emotional balance
* Mild anxiety
* Nervous tension
* Stress
* Calmness

Who would use Caruso's Saffron?

* Adolescents, men and women who want to maintain a healthy mood and emotional balance or suffer from stress or mild anxiety
* Those unable to cope with stressful situations
* Those who suffer from nervous tension associated with stress

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