Caruso's Natural Health Olive Leaf Extract 15000 500mL

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Caruso’s Olive Leaf Extract 15000 is made from olefresh™ (a superior quality Olive Leaf Extract formulation) using fresh olive leaves 100% sourced from Boundary Bend’s olive groves in north-west Victoria, Australia. You know it's fresh because the olefresh™ liquid is created using leaves that are processed within 4 hours of leaving the tree. Caruso’s Olive Leaf Extract 15000 has been standardised to the antioxidant compound Oleuropein and also contains Hydroxytyrosol which both work to reduce free radicals forming in the body.

Caruso's Olive Leaf extract Health Indications:

  • Helps stimulate a healthy immune response
  • Relieve symptoms of a head cold
  • Maintain immune system health

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