Caruso's Maca 3500 60 Tablets

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In Traditional Peruvian Medicine, Maca was seen as a root crop that was used to maintain energy, endurance, stamina and physical capacity. Caruso’s Maca 3500 helps to improve a healthy libido and support healthy sexual function.


Why use Caruso’s Maca 3500?

Caruso’s Maca 3500 helps to support the general health and wellbeing of both women and men. It can help to support the emotional wellbeing of menopausal women by reducing menopausal symptoms such as moodiness and mood imbalances. It can also help to promote a healthy libido, whilst supporting sexual function and physical endurance.


Caruso’s Maca 3500 health indications:

  • Maintain healthy sexual function and libido
  • Maintain physical stamina and endurance
  • Traditionally used in Peruvian medicine support energy levels

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