Caruso's Ginger 100 Tablets

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Ginger is well known for its long historic use as both a culinary and medicinal herb. It has been used traditionally in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to help relieve mild rheumatic aches and pains while also having effects in reducing abdominal distension and bloating.


Why use Caruso’s Ginger?

Caruso’s Ginger utilises a specific ginger extract containing 2.5mg of the active constituents gingerols. Gingerols have an anti-inflammatory action which may help to relieve symptoms associated with mild osteoarthritis such as mild joint pain, stiffness and swelling. Ginger also has benefits in promoting healthy digestive function and the anti-inflammatory effects may help in reducing menstrual pain and cramps.

Caruso’s Ginger health indications:

  • Helps reduce symptoms of motion, travel & sea sickness
  • Relieves morning sickness & digestive discomfort
  • Relieves mild joint inflammation

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