Brauer Baby & Child Calm Oral Liquid 100mL

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General Information

Baby & Child Calm is a 99.9% sugar-free liquid formulated with Chamomile traditionally used in Western herbal medicine as a calmative and to relieve restlessness. Also contains Lactium®.


Shake well before use. Use the measuring device provided. 

Children 1 - 4 years: 6mL one to three times daily
Children 5 - 9 years: 9mL one to three times daily
Children 10 - 14 years: 12mL one to three times daily, or as recommended by a health professional. 

Not suitable for use in children under the age of 12 months, except on health professional advice. Do not exceed the recommended dose. 

Getting the most from your Brauer product

Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and from perfumes, disinfectants or other strong-smelling substances.


Each 1mL of liquid contains:

Matricaria chamomilla (Chamomile)* ext. dry conc. 13.3mg (equiv. to dry flower 53.3mg), Alpha casozepine enriched hydrolysed milk proterin (Lactium®) 2.8mg. 

Homeopathic preparations, 5 microlitres of each: Dibasic magnesium phosphate trihydrate (Mag phos) 6C, Dibasic potassium phosphate (Kali phos) 6X, Matricaria chamomilla 6X, Passiflora incarnata 3C.

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