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You can celebrate 11-11 as you want because it is time for a celebration. You have worked hard this year and it’s time you indulge yourself by shopping guilt-free - for yourself! You can shop for the best deals ever, available to you this 11th November 2020. Whether you want to get yourself something you have always wanted, or want to shop for someone else, you cannot let this mega-festival pass without picking up something online. It has now become a global phenomenon. 
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What Is Singles Day?

Singles day dates back to 1993 when a group of 4 single Chinese students decided to celebrate their bachelorhood. It started at Nanjing University in China and soon spread to other universities like wildfire. Soon, it spread all over China, and people started to celebrate being single. In China, it is a holiday that is rejoiced by youngsters who flaunt their single status. Singles all over the globe are loving this idea so much that it has now turned into a date that is popular all over the world. Singles day has become one of the largest shopping events all over the world, including in Australia! Today, this is a mega-event that has sales you just cannot miss.
It is celebrated on 11th November every year. The reason is that on this day, the date is 11.11 which represent four ones (singles) that are ‘single’ or all by themselves. This is too cute to be true, we think! Singles Day China has been popularized all over the world thanks to the massive Alibaba Singles Day, that has been held since 2009. Alibaba’s grand sale celebration on this day ensured everyone was shopping on this day as the discounts on offer were incredibly huge. Shoppers can expect to get some of the best sales and offers on this day, thanks to which millions of people across the globe flock to shop on various websites that offer November 11 sales.