Clear and Easy To Understand Caruso’s 2020 Packing Update
New look & the same quality you expect from Caruso’s

Over the coming year Caruso’s Natural Health packaging will transform in line with new complementary medicine label guidelines in Australia (known as TGO 92).

Our premium formulas haven’t changed and all continue to come with our unique 100% Money Back Guarantee (see website for details).

We have begun introducing our new label and carton designs.

Colour Coded For Easy Identification

Our new packaging incorporates the new colour codes we introduced back in 2018 so you can easily find the product you are searching for to address your needs.

We are proud to showcase our new label designs for you below.


Red – Health Solutions
This category includes (in alphabetical order) a comprehensive range of herbal and nutritional formulas that are specifically formulated to address a range of popular health conditions.
Blue – Nutritional Range
This category includes (in alphabetical order) a range of vitamins, minerals, nutritional oils and nutrients that are beneficial to promote vibrant health and for maintaining general health and wellbeing.
Green – Herbal Therapeutics
This category includes (in alphabetical order) a range of single herbal medicines. The World Health Organisation estimates that 80% of people worldwide use herbal medicines for some part of their primary health care.
Purple – Children’s Health Range
This category includes a range of nutritional and herbal formulas for children.

Packaging & Timing

Australian Made Custom Bottles!
Our custom bottles are manufactured in Australia using a special high quality, premium material designed to protect the active ingredients plus seal in the freshness.

When will you see the new labels?

Caruso’s new packaging designs will start appearing in stores now and be completed by late 2020.